Chromogranin A

Chromogranin A or parathyroid secretion of protein 1 is a CHGA coded protein expressing chromogranin A, a member of the family of secretion proteins of the neuroendocrine granules. Chromogranin A is accumulated in the secretory vesicles of neurons and endocrine cells.

Chromogranin A is disrupted by an endogenous pro-hormone convertor in several peptide fragments: Thus, it is the precursor protein of several functional peptides including vasostatin, pancreatin, cathytetine and parastatin. These peptides negatively modulate the neuroendocrine function, inhibiting the release of hormones from hormone-mediated neurons. Such proteins inhibit the release of hormones by directly acting on the same cell in which they are produced or acting on cells close to that of production.

Is a tumor marker
High levels of Chromogranin A are associated with the onset of pheochromocytoma as a marker for pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and width = carcinoid syndrome. It is believed that it may be involved in premature neoplastic progression. It is good to point out that high levels of protein are also found in cases of diabetes or in the case of intake of proton pump inhibitors such as gastroprotectors.


Chromogranin A Ref. TME-9000 96 Test