About us

BLS Blue Lab Service srl is distributor of IVD products for several years.


Our philosophy                                          

BLS Blue lab Service srl is proposed as a single source for all professional requirements of the analytical laboratories.

The key points on which our company is on the market are

flexibility and timeliness: the customer, his needs and its operational scope are the fulcrum around which BLS Blue Lab Service srl develops projects, characterizes the service and sets the professional relationship.
the innovative methodology and multidisciplinarity: a vital working group, open, innovative and constantly updated, with high and complementary skills.
Global experience: the “Know How” and  the skills are completed by professional working relationships with national and international organizations that provide an operational presence and availability of data and information about the world of analytical laboratory.

A special focus is gathered up to training: all staff is part of an intense training program, conducted by staff inside and outside the company on basic and specialist topics. In fact, the BLS Blue Lab Service srl has not escaped the growing demand for skills and professionalism on the part of clients and believes that the education and training of its personnel is the only way of achieving this objektive.

the heart of our company is certainly the internal testing laboratory to our facility where realize  quality checks, personnel education, optimization methods and whatnot.


Our code of conduct
Openness and participation, practicality and flexibility, competence and creativity, awareness and consistency are the main features of the company.

The whole thing develops and implements:

  • pursuing practical solutions, with flexibility, method and timeliness;
  • constantly increasing the level of knowledge;
  • researching and proposing innovative solutions and unpublished;
  • stimulating and facilitating comparison with customers and suppliers;
  • promoting reflection and sharing on the effects of their behaviour and their actions: “do what you say”.


Ensure Performance

BLS Blue Lab Service is careful to the constant and varied market needs and continually selects high-performance products at a great value being able to cover all the needs of the laboratory.

Customer orientation

The strict application of the national legislation is combined with an openness to the needs of each customer, supporting him with proper and usual competence and professionalism, using software created for the purpose specifically for BLS Blue Lab Service srl.
Our main goal is customer satisfaction, combining costs and benefits to an organization able to support him in 360 degrees.

Our company:

  • Provides specialized technical assistance on the instruments used in medical laboratories;
  • Provides specialist support for the inclusion of application techniques on numerous analytical tools;
  • Applies extremely competitive rates by virtue of great experience and strong computerization of its management processes;
  • Supports the CUSTOMER in every professional needs.


BLS Blue Lab Service srl:                        The right Partner for my company.